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Reliable DCC Decoders and Systems, Tracks, & Turnouts

Shop at Walt’s Trains & Electronics in Colusa, California, for high-quality and long-lasting DCC decoders.
We also offer various sizes of tracks and turnouts.


Digital Command Control Items

For your convenience, we sell a wide range of items for Digital Command Control(DCC). These include speakers, NCE DCC systems, DCC specialties, and Logic Rail.

DCC decoders are also available, and we also have decoders from Soundtraxx, TCS, and QSI. We carry DCC Specialties Ciruit Breakers, Reverse Loop, and Turnout Control Electronics that are activated by your DCC throttle or push button.


The skilled technicians on our staff provide custom DCC and Sound installation services for steam and diesel locomotives. This is offered for N, HO, and O scales, and pricing is available upon request.

We discount Soundtraxx, QSI and TCS WOW decoders for both steam and diesel in though large scale. Discount prices on Soundtraxx decoders range from $85 to $102, and speakers are available for as little as $5 or $10.

Crossovers, Tracks, & Turnouts

Discount prices are available for turnouts on O, HO, Hon3, and N scale from various manufacturers. We carry Micro-Engineering track and turnout for HO scale code 83 and 70 and N scale code 55 and 40. These are available in weathered and unweathered styles, plus a fine line of #6 turnouts. Each are available for $17.80.

We stock Peco American Style Code 83 tracks and turnouts, left and right hand, for $39.42. This includes curved #7.4 and straight #8 models. These turnouts match up with micro engineering track, and are best for DCC. Insulated and “electro” frogs are available for turnout control, with the Tortoise™ slow motion electronic turnout control or the Bluepoint™ manual control.

Model Train Railway

The Frog Juicer

Easily power turnout frogs on hand-thrown turnouts with the Frog Juicer. Simply connect the DCC 2 wire bus power to the circuit board, and a single wire to the isolated frog. The circuit automatically changes polarity as soon as the first wheel hits the frog. Each board controls six frogs.